regan // 16 // washington

kill la kill // snk // nge // free! // pokemon // fmab // ohshc // loz // anime

talk to me about anime !

holy fuck im at sakuracon and i accidentally met matt mercer aka levi !!! thumbs up !!

Anonymous said: ★

i can speak about four languages, two fluently and two that can get me around most places!! ((english, spanish, german, russian))

homogeckos said: ★

im almost 5’9” i swear im a giant

For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about myself.

edited my theme ? pleased and happy


i don’t have time for people who put the words “used to” before the words “like pokemon” 


petition for kamerlort and capnstevenrogers to live with me

i approve ! ((shoves post up my Ass as a reminder))

move to washington so i can kiss ur dumb face kyla ! gosh

Kill La Kill Characters


drop my bags on the floor and open palm slam the bell cause i’m here to check the fuck IN

ive had “un elefante se balanceaba” in my head all day since spanish this morning

im going to sakuracon tomorrow … ((( insert sunglasses emoji smiling playfully)))

shingeki no kyojin + colors


Disney Film Meme [x] Favorite Location
China [Mulan]